Our Atelier, intimate and dedicated to you

Intimate, welcoming, relaxing, quiet, a lounge, comfortable, how many adjectives can you find in the stories of our brides dedicated to our Atelier. And this is how we imagined and wanted it, a welcoming place to be yourself.

Our Atelier, intimate and dedicated to you

Here is the Team that will welcome you and follow you all the way up to your wedding day and beyond.
 Veronica, Patrizia and Valeria, true and authentic, will become your travel companions not only for the creation of your dress but with lots of advice and to face your wedding day with serenity and self-confident.

I will be there to welcome you

“For me it's not just a job but a great passion.

A dream on which I worked with great determination until I realized it and made it become an important part of my life.

My goal is not just to see a wedding dress, but to support brides in one of the most important moments of their lives. My work begins with listening: understanding the doubts, fears, personality and needs of each bride, to the point of empathizing and directing her towards the best choice.

Every bride is a universe, what I do is guide her in choosing her dress, because her dress must enhance her and reflect her personality, because when everyone sees her on her wedding day, they won't have to admire the dress, but her. ”

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Each of our brides is unique

Each of our brides is unique

And it therefore deserves our full attention.
This is why our meetings are exclusive and we manage only one bride at a time, dedicating all the attention and space necessary to make her feel at ease.

During our meetings we will share everything: fears, fears, doubts, emotions, ideas and everything that only the emotion of waiting for your wedding day can offer.
We will follow you with professionalism and competence, designing the dress you have always wanted based on your body and your desires, advising you in the best way based on your unique characteristics.

This is why we only receive by appointment
from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 5pm.


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Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri

Familiarity in a peaceful environment

Determining factors to be able to express yourself in complete freedom.

If it is true that ours is a space dedicated to you, it is equally true that, as our wives have often confirmed, the familiar and serene environment that we have created will allow you to be yourself and feel at ease.

You will be followed in a calm and at the same time professional environment, able to make you choose without interference and distractions, but aware of your choice because it is guided and accompanied by expert people focused on your needs.

Because if your wedding day is going to be special, we want you to be able to live it to the fullest by expressing your whole self in total serenity and happy with the dress you will wear and never forget.

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An all-female company

An all-female company

“My company is entirely female, it is a satisfaction and an advantage for those like me who believe that women are enterprising, ready for new things and capable of always looking ahead. Precisely for this reason I like to constantly share ideas, in an atmosphere of serenity, familiarity and passion to never stop and not put a brake on creativity."

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