Have you ever wondered what append to the dresses that you try at the Atelier?
In every boutique the appointments follow one another.
They may sanitize the dresses but how? With a spray or with steam?


Every dress must to be sanitized and cleaned inside and outside.


Not like the others, my Atelier is the first and unique in Italy sanitizing the dresses with the ozone after each appointment. It is not so true that everybody work on safety. First of all I have though of your health. I have decided to make even safer such a special and emotional moment like the choice of your wedding dress. 


Above all, in order to improve and increase the microbiologic safety of the Atelier, I have selected an ozone machine that purifies the shop every night.


But this is not enough for me. 


I have though about of the dresses that you are going to wear and purchased a wardrobe specifically design to sanitize the outfits using an ozone patented system. 


Why have I chosen ozone?
Ozone is a natural gas not leaving any trace and with an elevated antibacterial and oxidant power able to inhibit virus and bacteria growth.
There for it is a complete inhibitor and not only a chemical biocide acting just on same bacteria but also on VIRUSES!


Beside its disinfecting capacity , it is ideal for allergies, it eliminates any scent and does not live any chemical residual.
All the process is fully eco-friendly without using any chemical elements.
The power of nature in the form of ozone at the service of your hygiene. Safe both for your and the environment. 


Thank to this green technology, the garments are not damage anyhow. Not only, after the sanitization process, the dresses smell fresh and clean. A perfume riming mountain clear air. 


HYGENE BOX CLEAN Is the innovative system capable to make inactive bacteria, mold, leaves, parasites, mites, sent and virus, even at low concentration and in a short time.


In this way I am sure to guarantee the microbiology security of each dresses but above all yours.


I relied on HC Project/ETP company, the only one the is able to produce the Europeo Brevettato e Certificato IMQ system that is released in the market after a series of laboratory and field tests.


A unique world technique bactericidal and virucidal!


Unlike the others that brings to some other their outfits to sanitize it, we do immediately here in the Atelier after each appointment. 

The same dress can be try in the same day by two different people ensuring for both of them the same hygiene conditions. 

The dress won’t be only clean, but completely sanitize and safe after each appointment. 


My Atelier is the fist and only one that offers this service! 


I offer this hygiene service also to my bride after your wedding. You have to bring to the Atelier your dress for the sanitization. In this way your dress will be better preserved and maintains its beauty over time.

You can verify it yourself!
You will see the wardrobe in the Atelier, where after all the appointment I fill the dress in. 


You can safely enjoy the wedding dress choice without worrying about the dresses cleaning. 


The Atelier is completely dedicated to you, the first one in Italy that put the health of its brides above all. 


I am waiting for you with variety of new proposal.





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